Retailer donates clothing for tots and masks to Tygerberg Hospital

At the hand-over, from left, Emma O’ Connor of Exact, Candice Jansen of the Trust, Nicole De Sousa Rosa of Exact, Yolanda Smith of the Trust and Waseema Sukhadia of Exact.

Exact, a division of the Foschini Group, recently donated infant clothing and masks to the Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust.

The Trust’s CEO Jason Falken says that with restricted travel during lockdown, mothers who have given birth have not been allowed to go home. The Trust then set up the Kangaroo Mother Care Project to provide moms with clothes and toiletries for their newborns. 

The masks have been handed over to nurses and doctors working at the front line at Tygerberg Hospital.

Kangaroo care is a method of caring for a premature baby where the mother nurses the infant on her bare chest. This reduces the time the baby needs to stay in hospital and increases the bond between mom and baby, reducing mortality, encouraging exclusive breastfeeding and completing the “gestation”outside the uterus. 

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