Residents want answers on Day Zero

Residents hoping to get answers at last week’s Sub-council 4 meeting on what to expect if Day Zero hits would have been disappointed.

Despite lasting more than three hours, councillors said nothing about how residents could prepare for the taps running dry.

Mayor Patricia de Lille revealed last week that that was now “very likely” to happen.

Approached afterwards for comment, Sub-council chairman Chris Jordaan said all questions about the water crisis had been “centralised” and should be sent to Xanthea Limberg, the City’s mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services.

Day Zero is predicted to happen on Thursday April 12, but Mr Jordaan couldn’t say where the water collection points would be situated in sub-council 4.

Councillors who spoke to Northern News after the meeting said Day Zero could still be avoided.

Ward 2’s Leonore van der Walt said Capetonians had come up with “very creative and innovative ways” to save water.

“I think residents should also find out what other people are doing to save water and to follow suit.”

Ward 27’s Cecile Janse van Rensburg said Day Zero could not be wished away.

“The only way we can avoid Day Zero is to further reduce our consumption,” she said.

Meanwhile, residents have until today, Wednesday January 31, to comment on amendments to the Water By-law.

The amendments among other things, would require:

Property sellers to submit a certificate of compliance from a City-registered plumber.

Sub-meters to be installed in flats at the owners’ expense.

Homeowners to replace their toilet cisterns if they are larger than 6 litres.

New buildings and renovations to have provision for alternative water systems for non-domestic purposes, with full details to accompany the building plans.

Swimming pools to be covered by a pool cover when not in use.

Residents can contact the City by emailing to to report contraventions of the water restrictions and evidence should be provided to help the City’s enforcement efforts, or they can send an SMS to 31373.