Residents to help name the four new City areas

The City of Cape Town is giving residents a say in the naming of four areas created out of its new area-based service delivery model.

The City’s naming and nomination committee has recommended that the City ask residents to propose names for areas north, south, east and central.

Committee chairman Brett Herron said the aim was to personalise the areas for the residents working and living there.

There are three potential themes for the names : geographical features, such as mountains or rivers;nature, such as animals, plants and habitats, and coastal/oceans.

“We want to avoid referring to the areas in terms of north, south and so on because these names do not give one a sense of place,” said Mr Herron.

Mr Herron said the naming of the areas also symbolised the City striving to to build a greater connection with residents.

“Once the mayor has approved this recommendation, the City’s public participation unit will commence with the process of requesting comment and input from residents and interested and affected parties in each of the four areas,” he said.