Residents have traffic congestion concerns

The public participation process for a new grouped housing development set for the Van Riebeeck Road in Vredelust, Kuils River, have raised traffic congestion concerns for residents who are considering objecting before the deadline on Monday November 19. 

According to the City of Cape Town the application  calls for rezoning of two portions (erf 1375) and (erf 16642)  which are  current agricultural zone and expected  to be rezoned to sub divisional area for 13 group housing units, including  three to four story apartment buildings with a total of 375, one- and two bedroom apartments, one business site and a utility zone for an electrical substation. 

The projects site is situated in Vredelust, between the Jagtershof and St. Duma’s neighbourhoods. 

Bongani Mjkelo, from Vredelust said he spends more time in traffic on the Van Riebeeck Road than quality time with his son.

“Housing developments will cause worse traffic congestion, even though I leave at early hours of the morning, I still arrive at work late because of traffic,” he said.

He added that the Kuils River community does not have reliable transportation services such as Myciti buses or Golden Arrow.

“Developments are quick to go up, however, they don’t consider the traffic congestion or look for alternatives to alleviate the traffic,” he said.

Kuils River Civic Association chairman, Isaacs Jenecke, said public transport and traffic issues should be addressed in Kuils River before any developments are planned, having more people filling up the planned apartments would not help to alleviate traffic issues.

He said other issues he could think of was, if the four stories have balconies at each apartment, those people would be able to look into other properties on Ochna and Skilpaddam Road.

He said the association will look into objecting or not.

Northern News could not reach developers before the paper went to print.

Former mayco member for transport and urban development, councillor Brett Herron confirmed that a traffic impact assessment had taken place and has been submitted to the City’s Development Department.

He did not supply further details.

With the application still in due process, Mr Herron said, “the application has been circled for various internal City departments as well as external departments n order to enable proper assessment of the application, including potential impacts on abutting owners’ privacy.”

He said residents can submit their comments and or objections to 

An application to have a three or four story building is open for objection.