Residents fed-up with illegal wheel-spinners

Car stunts can now be legally done at the Tygerberg Raceway track in Kraaifontein.

A gravel pitch in Scottsdene that petrolheads have long used for car stunts remains a headache, say residents.

Community activist Wilfred Hartnick says that while many of the car enthusiasts have moved to the Tygerberg Raceway for controlled events organised by the Tygerberg Raceway Spinners, there are still groups who don’t want to pay the R20 entry to the track, and they continue “messing up the community” with their wheel-spinning, drifting and “popping” on the open pitch (“Petrolheads burn rubber at Tygerberg Raceway,” Northern News, March 13).

So the sounds of engines revving and the smells of burning rubber had continued to plague residents living near the pitch, Mr Hartnick said.

The pitch is near churches, shops and homes.

“The six churches cannot have their evening services because every Sunday these cars are parked right down this street, blocking off all entrances to Koopmans Avenue, and they come down here speeding and revving loudly,” Mr Hartnick said.

Someone had smashed into his wall while speeding down the road during one of the displays and he had never caught the culprit, he said.

“The speeding is one thing, but the elderly and young children in the neighbouring streets are suffering from breathing problems because of the black smoke.”

Burnt tyres, empty beer bottles and litter blighted the area, and the stench of urine clung to the air after the illegal events, he said.

The problem had persisted despite residents’ complaints to the police and City law enforcement, he said.

“I suggest that law enforcement and police block all entrances to the pitch, every Sunday,” he said.

Resident Jessica Groipies said spectators used drugs and alcohol openly and in front of children during the displays.

“I don’t allow my teenage son to visit the pitch on Sundays because the older people are no example to children who come and watch the entertainment,” she said.

Kraaifontein police spokesman, Captain Hein Hendricks, said officers had patrolled the area on Sunday.

“Kraaifontein SAPS will not allow anyone to break the law and have stopped and raided the spinning events in Koopmans Avenue.

“Kraaifontein SAPS fully supports the Tygerberg Raceway Spinners in their efforts to find an alternative safer area and to move the spinning to Tygerberg Raceway track,” he said.

Illegal wheel-spinning can be reported to the station at 021 980 55 00.

City traffic spokeswoman Maxine Bezuidenhout, said the City’s traffic department has not received a complaint about this area for a while but is aware that the space is used for illegal spinning.

“This illegal event also causes great noise disturbance to the community and we are planning an operation in conjunction with the South African Police Service, Metro police and law enforcement due to the volatility of the area, which is something we have experienced in the past.”

She said the roadway and sidewalk are council property but the space beyond the building line is privately-owned by a supermarket owner.

“This is the area actually used for spinning and is well off the roadway.”