Remembering …

Sub-council chairwoman Rose Rau, retired rear admiral Arne Soderland and Bomb Alley Old Bill Rob Harding.

A MOTH (Memorable Order of Tin Hats) shellhole held its annual war commemoration service at the Bellville Cenotaph last weekend.

The cenotaph was recently re-positioned in front of the civic centre.

The Moth war veterans association has been around for 90 years and the Bomb Alley Shellhole has been in Bellville since 1944.

Sunday’s service was the fourth such function and has become a fixed event on the calendar for both the local military veteran associations and Sub-council 6.

Sub-council 6 chairwoman Rose Rau laid a floral tribute in remembrance of those from the Bellville area who fell during both World Wars and since, including the Border

Wreaths and floral tributes were also laid on behalf of various Moth shellholes and ex-service associations, reserve force units, the Red Cross Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Umagwaja Challenge Trust and the general public.

The guest speaker, retired rear admiral Arné Soderland, paid tribute to all of the fallen, including those whose names are inscribed on Bellville’s memorial wall.

Shellhole member Brian Porter said they hoped to make this a formal civic event and increase the number of attendees.