Reaching ‘rommelstatus’

Construction in progress near the Old Oak Bridge.

D Beelders, Vasco

One can but wonder what sort of parent would wilfully dump 17 disposable nappies in the parking lot at the sport fields in Milton Road, Goodwood, or for that fact just dump them out of the vehicle when driving through the area, or simply just do a change and leave the slosh in parks, playgrounds? Or the type who drop bags of household “muck” on pavements or broken furniture (even a four-seater couch, piles of old ceiling boards, broken roof tiles/bricks, building rubble.

It is a fact that dumping costs the City of Cape Town (read ratepayers) millions of rand per year in an attempt to keep the city relatively clean, but it is fIghting a losing battle.

And ironically it is not just the homeless who are to blame, nor the cart horse brigade who dump garden refuse. Vasco has been free of murders for decades, yet within days of each other two people were fatally stabbed. Vandalism is rife, robberies are common factors, the streets are unsafe, theft of grids, fire hydrants/ manhole covers are disappearing like our rand, taps still get stolen, etc.

When the “metropole” concept was mooted, our then councillor Louwtjie Rothman opposed the incorporation of the Goodwood Municipality into the viper’s nest.

We were all promised a better deal in a metropole, the area has now reached “rommelstatus”.