Ratepayers’ making progress

Kenridge park and duck pond.

A Kenridge ratepayers’ group says a lack of public support is hurting its efforts to keep homeless people out of the suburb.

Geordie Hogarth, chairman of Kenridge The Hills Ratepayers’ Association (KHRPA), says some progress has been made but there’s a lack of support from residents.

He told the association’s annual general meeting on Thursday November 2 that regular law enforcement patrols had led to fewer homeless people sleeping in the park at night, but homeless people were still being drawn to the area by residents who gave them hand-outs.

This issue was raised at a public meeting in June when GiveWise founder and social worker Lucinda Valentine suggested holding a think-tank meeting to come up with a plan to address the issue (“Homeless coin it in Kenridge,” Northern News, June 29).

But when that meeting was held in July only four people attended (“Think tank for homeless issue,” Northern News July 22).

Also at the AGM, Mr Hogarth said the Kenridge Neighbouhood Initiative (KNI) had grown membership to 984, from 934 last year, and it had 29 active patrollers.

He said the KHRPA’s successes for the year included better drainage at the Kenridge duck pond, the removal of homeless people from public land opposite the BP garage and the resurfacing of roads.

KHRPA vice-chairman Ian Flint stepped down after 15 years as he will be moving to Hermanus.

Mr Hogarth thanked him for all the years he had put into the association and said he would be dearly missed.