Questions surround Velodrome

Cyclists and other sport clubs who make use of the Bellville Velodrome face an uncertain future.
The news that the Bellville Velodrome will be used for sporting and community purposes in the future was met with the sense of trepidation by sporting bodies who say they still seek clarity on the access to the venue.

The City of Cape Town announced last week that the Velodrome would remain open to the public and the sporting bodies while property development group Devmet, which has a 30-year lease on the property, goes ahead with the construction of the Galleria development surrounding the athletics track and stadium.

Bellville Cycling Club chairman Abdul Davids said: “We are not exactly jumping up and down with joy over this news as we still do not have clarity in terms of how much access we will have to the facilities. If we only get to use it twice a year, the City can still turn around to say that we have access, so while the City pats its own back on this announcement, we are not really happy with the news.”

Meanwhile, the City has assured the public that the Velodrome’s sporting facilities, including an athletics tracks and indoor cycling arena, will be made available for sports events.

Mayco member for economic opportunities and asset management James Vos said: “The council’s decision reiterates our intention to structure a win-win situation for the broader community and the City.”

Ms Vos added: “All sports club, schools and community groups that currently use the facilities at the Bellville Velodrome and Athletics Stadium are guaranteed reasonable and affordable access.”

Bellville and surrounds would benefit greatly from the Galleria’s mix of office blocks, hotels, apartments and shops, Mr Vos said.

And sports facilities would also be upgraded.