Police urge public to report crime

Kuils River police station commander Colonel Jayseelan Naidoo encourages residents to be their eyes and ears in their area.

The public can be a great help to the police by reporting crime, says Kuils River police station commander Colonel Jayseelan Naidoo.

This comes after a 14-year-old Kalkfontein boy was shot and killed in Magda Street, on Saturday November 14.

Colonel Naidoo said the boy had allegedly been gambling with the Dixie Boys gang when two unknown men had started shooting at the group.

In a separate incident, on Sunday, just after midnight an alleged ex-gang member was walking with two friends when he was gunned down on the corner of Dorothy and Brenda streets.

According to Colonel Naidoo, two men had shot at the trio.

No arrests have been made.

“Most of the residents know who the perpetrators are, but are too afraid to inform police,” Colonel Naidoo said.

“Police can only clear up an area if illegal activities and information is given to them.”

Kuils River Community Police Forum chairman Clive Hendricks said the police presence in Kalkfontein had increased in recent months.

“Young children are roped into gangs because they are promised a luxury lifestyle and their needs and wants are met if they do the dirty work for kingpins,” he said.

Mr Jacobs encouraged residents to anonymously report crime in the area.

You can call Crime Stop at 08600 10111 to report a crime.