Police stop drug delivery into Goodwood prison

Police have stopped a stash of drugs and cellphones reaching Goodwood prison inmates.

Acting on a tip-off, officers searched the bushes near the prison last Wednesday morning and, according to Goodwood police spokesperson Waynne Theunis, found a man, 48, with two pockets of tik, 104 mandrax tablets, 200 grams of dagga and 16 cellphones.
The bust came the same week that a video went viral on social media, purporting to show Goodwood prisoners smoking drugs, listening to music and using cellphones.
“We are grateful for the information which led to this arrest and urge the community not to stop reporting criminal activities. All information will be treated confidential and will be followed up,” said Captain Theunis.
In another incident, a 51-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday February 26 at about 1:30am by a security officer, who allegedly saw him stealing two wheel rims from a Voortrekker Road car dealership.
The guard handed the suspect over to the police.