Police nab suspects for drugs, business break-in and false case

A 37-year-old man was arrested in Bellville in the early hours of Tuesday April 12, for being in possession of drugs, possible stolen passports and a driver’s licence. According to Bassett Alarms, one of their officers on patrol in Mazzur Street, Bellville, stopped next to a man to ask where he was going.

When the officer asked if he was armed, the man said he could search him.

During the search, dagga, khat, three passports and a driver’s licence were found.

Bellville police arrested the man, said police spokeswoman Major Fienie Nimb.

* A man was arrested for breaking into a business in Koeberg Road, Durbanville, on Monday April 4.

Bassett Alarms officers arrived on the scene and spotted a man leaving the building. He was arrested by the Durbanville police.

The security firm officers noticed a back window had been broken open and inside several computers had been moved and packed, ready to be carried off. Durbanville police spokesman Lieutenant Marchel Rhode confirmed the incident, but after a week and several calls by Northern News, he said he had no information about the outcome of the court case.

* Durbanville police arrested two people on Tuesday March 29 for opening a false case.

They were charged with defeated the ends of justice.

“They claimed to have been hijacked from a house in Fisantekraal by three unknown males armed with firearms and wearing balaclavas.

They said that the suspects drove around with them and made an accident after which they fled the scene,” said Lieutenant Rhode.

He said detectives had interviewed the “victims”, but then got a very different picture of what had happened after speaking to residents in the area.

“It was found that the victims had been driving the vehicle at the time of the accident,” said Lieutenant Rhode.

* Durbanville police have warned about a rise in incidents of theft out of motor vehicles in Racecourse Road, Durbanville.

“Various incidents are being reported at the police station where victims reported that they went jogging, and later found that their vehicles had been broken into, and valuable items taken,” said Lieutenant Rhode, urging people not to leave valuables in their cars.