Pole position

Police could not confirm whether a man allegedly caught stealing from a Northpine home had been arrested last week.

On Thursday April 27 the Northpine Facebook page posted several close-up photos of the man and his tattoos, as he was tied to the pole, with a caption saying: “This guy got caught breaking in, in Central Drive.”

Angry residents commented on the pictures wanting to know why the man still looked so “good” and called for mob justice.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said the provincial police office had no record of the incident and referred the Northern News to Kraaifontein police station.

The Northern News had received no response from the station by the time of going to press.

Northpine resident Clamen Solomons told the Daily Voice homes in the area were burgled every Thursday.

“The thief robbed a woman of her handbag full of money. The community stood up to this man and he was caught with the handbag and the cash was retrieved,” Ms Solomons was quoted as saying. “We then waited 45 minutes for the police to arrive.”

The alleged victim was housewife Olivia Khan, the Daily Voice said. Ms Khan was reportedly unpacking her boot when she saw the man disappear into her house.

A passing biker came to her aid, the paper reported.

“They caught the guy and tied him to the pole. I hope he has learned his lesson,” she said