Plans to make Durbanville accessible

The City of Cape Town is planning to make it easier for everyone to get around Durbanville without having to use a car, taxi or bus.

The Transport and Urban Development Authority outlined plans, at a sub-council meeting last week, to repair pavements and roads, install cycle lanes, build wheelchair ramps and generally improve access to the area.

The TDA’s Brendon Johnson said the project would focus on making the area accessible to all, something that had been lacking.

The TDA plans to carry out work in and around Durbanville, some sections along Durban Road and the Fisantekraal community centre.

Ward 112 councillor, Theresa Uys, said the developments would make life easier for residents of Durbanville’s six retirement homes and Huis Andries Olivier, among others.

Mr Johnson told sub-council the project would enhance the integrated rapid transit network when it arrived.

Sub-council chairman, Gerhard Fourie, said the pavement repairs would be a boon for councillors as they could use their ward allocations on other projects.

Ward 105 councillor, Ruan Beneke, said the TDA would have to look at installing cycle lanes along Vissershok Road. There were organisations that would be willing to work with the City to make that happen, he said.

Proportional representative councillor, Franklyn Raymond, agreed, saying the road was dangerous for cars and cyclists.

Mr Johnson said the project was still in its infancy but they had wanted to outline the plans for councillors.

The TDA will hold public information sessions on the plans. A contractor is expected to start by mid August.

During the meeting, Mr Raymond said something had to be done about the serious traffic problem in Durbanville.

Mr Fourie said there wasn’t enough public transport in the area. Many workers relied on taxis to get to work.

Residents had paid high prices for their properties but had to put up with bad driver behaviour and rat running by cars and taxis, he said.