Plan for local tourism

A neighbourhood watch chairman says a plan to promote “localised” tourism in Parow, Goodwood and surrounds is a good idea but could be scuttled by crime before it takes float.

The plan was discussed at Sub-council 4’s monthly meeting at Parow’s council chambers on Thursday April 19.

Parow Park Neighbourhood Watch chairman Willem Botes warned that rising crime in the area could spell disaster for the tourism development plan.

Siyabulela Mamkeli, area central mayoral committee member, told the meeting the City had been divided into four geographical areas to take service-delivery closer to residents and tourism planning should also be more “area based” and “localised” with greater involvement by sub-councils.

Mr Mamkeli said: “Parow and Goodwood’s tourist attractions will be packaged and used to create tourism experiences that will be marketed and used to draw tourists with the aim of putting these two areas on the map.”

A draft tourism area plan to guide tourism development in the city would be unveiled next month and sub-councils would give input for a final tourism area plan. A localised tourism area plan, said Mr Mamkeli, would promote local culture and heritage, places of interest, arts and crafts and other attractions in the area.

Sub-council 4 manager Chris Jordaan said visitors to Cape Town were usually taken to the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain.

“I have never seen a tour guide in my ward. Although, we do have crime in our areas, we should also be viewed as a tourist attraction if the correct plan is put in place,” he said.

Mr Botes said tourists were scared to venture into certain areas as they feared for their safety.

“We don’t want to have a situation where international visitors go back to their countries and speak negatively about Cape Town,” he said.

He said that while muggings, thefts from cars and gangsterism were rife in Parow, he had committed himself to working with the City and police to keep tourists safe following the implementation of the tourism plan.

“A tourism plan like this will definitely benefit the area in a number of positive ways,” he said.

Sub-council 4 will meet again on Thursday May 24, at 10am.