Patroller accused of stabbing

Parow Park Neighbourhood Watch chairman Willem Bothas says he has been threatened after a watch patroller allegedly killed a homeless man.

The mood at Parow Park is tense after a homeless man was stabbed to death, allegedly by a neighbourhood watch patroller.

Parow Park Neighbourhood Watch chairman Willem Bothas said Bradley Booysen, 30, died on Sunday October 21 following an argument between him and a watch patroller.

The Northern News understands that the man accused of killing Mr Booysen was patrolling with the watch but was not an official member.

Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams said the watch patroller and Mr Booysen had allegedly argued near Block 5 at Parow Park at about 7.26pm.

“The victim died on the scene after being stabbed and the suspect was later arrested,” he said.

The 52-year-old man appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday October 23 on a charge of murder.

Mr Bothas said he had rushed back home on Sunday after hearing about the incident.

“When I arrived on the scene, the man had already died,” Mr Bothas said.

Mr Booysen’s sister, Anna, told a local paper that her brother had slept in the garden and had been considered homeless.

Mr Bothas said he was trying to keep Parow Park “crime and grime” free.

He said Mr Booysen had been sleeping on the stairs at Block 5 and had helped people 
clean their gardens to earn a few rand.
Mr Bothas said some Parow Park residents had threatened him after Mr Booysen’s death.

A group of youth vandalised my front garden, threatened to throw petrol bombs at my flat and threw two bricks at my car. My wife is traumatised. She went to Parow police to open up a case of intimidation following the incident,” he said.
Mr Bothas said a memorial service would be held for Mr Booysen on Wednesday October 31.

He said City law enforcement officers had previously told Mr Booysen to leave Parow Park.
“They also confiscated 
his goods, and he was given 
a court order to leave the 
area. He was very aggressive and abused drugs. Now the entire community is against me,” he said.

Mr Bothas said he had asked Parow police to let him park one of his bakkies at the police station as he feared residents would try to damage it.

Roger Cannon, chairman of the Parow Community Police Forum, said he had visited Parow Park on the day of Mr Booysen’s death.
“One could feel the tension 
in the air. I met with the other members of the CPF earlier this week, and we don’t want to make any statements that could compromise the murder case,” 
he said.

Mr Cannon said the man accusing of killing Mr Booysen was not a member of the watch.

“He is not an accredited 
member as he has not been 
vetted. I think it’s wrong 
for people to target Mr 
Bothas. We sympathise with the community.

“However, we feel that residents should not vent their anger at one specific person.”

He said he had heard conflicting accounts of the circumstances leading up to Mr Booysen’s death.