Parow West pupil suspended in assault case

A Grade 7 pupil at Parow West Primary School has been suspended, following an attack on another pupil last week.

Western Cape Education Department spokeswoman Jessica Shelver said they were “concerned by the violent nature of the alleged incident”.

“The school is dealing with the matter in terms of their code of conduct and the perpetrator has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing,” Ms Shelver said.

According to a post on Facebook, a bullying incident on Thursday February 23, had left a Grade 6 pupil at the school bloodied and bruised.

A picture shared multiple times on Facebook, shows the boy, 13, with his school T-shirt torn, a bloody nose and swollen right eye.

The boy, who cannot be named because he is a minor, is named on Facebook, along with an account from his father.

According to a post on the News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents(NARI) page, prefects laughed during the assault and “they prevented his friends from helping him”.

The post said the boy’s father had been told to come pick him up, “because there was a fight at school”.

The father said his son had been punched in the stomach and kicked in the face. He had found his son alone in a room at the school, without medical help.

According to the Facebook post, “He immediately told the school that he’s going to the police station to report the case.”

He said the school had refused to give the attacker’s details, saying it’s against their policy.

“Due to the intense injuries (the boy) sustained, he needed immediate medical treatment,” the post said.

Ms Shelver said counselling would be provided to the victim.

A woman who answered the phone at Parow West Primary said they had no comment. She would not identify herself and said we should call the regional office of the education department.

Parow police confirmed that an assault case had been opened.