Parow resident living in fear after burglaries

After her home was burgled twice in less than two months, a Parow woman has spent R18 000 to ring her backyard in razor wire.

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home,” said Julie Adams*, who has lived in Victoria Street for almost 40 years.
She said thieves had stolen about R100 000 worth of jewellery and electronic goods from her home in two separate burglaries.
On Tuesday September 5, at 8.30am, she went to buy a few things at the shop. When she returned half an hour later, she found her bedroom turned upside down.

“I then realised that my jewellery worth close to R50 000 was missing and my tablet and three spare phones, which I placed on the kitchen table, were also missing.”

She believes the thieves got in through the back door.

“I was so upset because they stole both my wedding ring and that of my late husband, along with other family heirlooms.”
Thieves struck again on Friday October 20.

“I went to the shops, and when I returned I couldn’t get into my house as the thieves had ransacked my house so badly that all my stuff was blocking the door.”

This time the thieves took electronic appliances, vintage watches and other miscellaneous items.

Ms Adams believes she is being watched by “tik koppe” who loiter in the neighbourhood.

“I feel that they phone each other to communicate about my movements. They also know that I am living alone in this house,” she said.

Parow Street resident Ashley Rix was also burgled last year and lost laptops and electronic items.
“Crime is terrible in this area, and police seldom patrol. I have cameras linked to my house, and I have shown the cops footage of thieves committing crimes in the area, and they do nothing about it. There are also too many drug houses and drug addicts in this area.”

Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams, spokesman for Parow police said there were “problem buildings” in Victoria and Parow streets and “high visibility of police in that area is a priority”.

● Julie Adams’ name has been changed as she fears reprisals from the thieves.