Parking lot neglect

The City has started filling potholes and tarring parking space in and around the Goodwood traffic department, folowing complaints from the public.

Goodwood resident James Ellis says parking at the facility is “one huge problem”.

Mr Ellis complained that a staff-only parking lot the City had built at the traffic department for Transport Management Centre (TMC) left very little space for the public.

Both the remaining public parking at the department and a temporary parking site near the fire station were “sub standard”, dangerous and damaged vehicles, he said.

“People could fall and hurt themselves due to the potholes and uneven surfaces. This alone could result in civil claims against the City of Cape Town for injuries that might arise due to these conditions.”  

Those using the temporary parking lots were also more vulnerable to opportunistic crime, he said, although Goodwood police could not confirm any recent incidents in the area.
He accused the City of neglecting the maintenance of road reserves and other infrastructure in Goodwood.
Northern News visited the site last week and saw a number of gaping holes as well as uneven and sandy surfacing in the vicinity of the traffic department.
Adam Jacobs, of Matroosfontein, said he had clipped his Toyota Corolla’s bumper while trying to park at the traffic department last Thursday.
“It is always difficult to find parking here, and the surface of the temporary parking is very uneven, and I damaged my car today. It is going to cost me close to R500 to fix it. I think the City should consider tarring the parking area,” he said.
Darryl Anthony, of Rocklands, who was driving his company vehicle, said: “I would not bring my own car here because it is low and it would definitely be damaged. I have been to many traffic departments throughout the city and they don’t look like this. This is really concerning and the City should lay down tar here.”
Anna Britten, of Bellville, said: “This is one of the worst traffic departments to find parking at.”
And Tobias Carl, also of Bellville, said he drove very carefully over the potholes so that they didn’t damage his car.
Ward 26 councillor Franchesca Walker said she had reported the situation to the City’s roads and infrastructure department.
City spokesman Luthando Thyalibongo said the repairs would take about three weeks.
“To ensure that there is limited disruption to the traffic department’s operations, work will be conducted after 1pm during the week,” he said.