Parents demand temporary classrooms

Masibambane Secondary School.

Angry parents are demanding a plan from the Western Cape Education Department to curb overcrowding at Kraaifontein schools.

On Monday, parents lined up in the foyer of Masibambane Secondary School to discuss how their children could find places there.

The parents want the WCED to provide temporary classrooms at the school or find other schools to take their children.

Protests flared in Bloekombos on Wednesday January 22 and Thursday, January 23 when more than 100 pupils were denied access to Masibambane Secondary School (“Threat of school shutdown,” Northern News, January 29).

According to parents, pupils who failed were not allowed back at school.

But WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Hammond shot back last week, saying the pupils in question were all Grade 8s who were on the waiting list because their parents had submitted late applications.

This week, community activist Linda Phito said parents were frustrated because all the other schools in the area were overcrowded.

“We are already in a new month, and our children are still roaming the streets hoping that there will be a place for them at some school in the area,” he said.

Mr Phito said pupils were becoming lazy and “enjoying their time at home” which was a cause for great concern.

“They are idling,” he added.

On Monday February 3, Ms Hammond said the WCED was assessing all requests for additional teachers across the province and would “hopefully” find a solution this week or next.

The department had surveyed schools to determine which ones qualified for extra posts, she said.

“There are always schools that increase their learner numbers due to unexpected growth.

Using the information from the survey, we can then make informed and responsible decisions on who gets what,” said Ms Hammond.