Organisations do their bit for Mandela Day

Blankets and beanies were handed over to MES GROW participants.

Various individuals and organisations heeded the call and dedicated 67 minutes of their time to charitable work in honour of Mandela Day.

It was indeed a busy day at Mould Empower Serve (MES) with various organisations dropping in to help at their office in Meath Street and at their Safe Space project in AJ West Street, Bellville. Clients of MES were treated to lunch and received beanies, blankets and clothing.

MES spokesman Arthur Mukhari said Mandela Day gave the community a chance to interact with the homeless, while raising awareness of homelessness and what people can do to help.

“The donations we received came in abundance and we are really grateful to all the donors that made every donation possible, not only will it be distributed evenly to all the different programmes but they will restore dignity to the lives of each and every client that we encounter and help on a daily basis.”

Their programmes include occupational therapy, spiritual enrichment, job rehabilitation and social work services.

Waumbe Youth Development held a clean-up campaign in Fisantekraal and managed to fill up about 30 bags with rubbish in just over an hour.

They were joined by a number of organisations including Garden Cities, JCI Cape Town, Let’s Do It World, International Youth Peace Group and Ward 105 councillor Ruan Beneke.

DelphinoMachikicho, vice-president of Waumbe, said: “As the youth of Fisantekraal we want to be the Mandelas of today. So, at every chance we get we will serve our community. This clean-up was an opportunity for us to do something great. We want to call on all the youth make every day a Mandela Day, this should not end here.”

Mr Beneke echoed his sentiment: “We should not only do this great work on July 18, we should make every day a Mandela Day. We should do good on a Monday, on a Tuesday, every day of the week,” Beneke said.

Ward 21 councillor Theresa Uys, along with Brett Herron, the mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, and Xanthea Limberg, the mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services and energy , spent part of their time working on a housing project.

They helped to build a wall of a house being built for a pensioner in the Morningstar housing estate. This housing estate, located along a main road in Durbanville, will provide 160 housing opportunities.

Also doing their bit for Mandela Day, the staff, patients and Outreach Committee of Stikland Hospital knitted 617 woollen squares.

These were donated to the Cause We Can campaign, who will create blankets with the knitted squares for those in need. Team Stikland promised to continue this tradition of goodwill with a 670 target for 2018.

All hands were on deck at the Cipla South Africa head office in Parklands where more than 900 hampers filled with various goodies were packed and then handed out to the Klipheuwel community in Durbanville.