Online sellers conned out of goods in scam, police warn

Parow police have warned people to watch out for scam artists in the area.

Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams said residents should be extra careful when transferring money into other people’s bank accounts as there were several cases of fraud being investigated at the station.

Captain Williams said con artists introduced themselves through the internet and newspapers as an intended buyer and then agree to meet with their victim.

“The seller would receive an SMS from the scamster stating that the money has been paid into their account. The seller would hand over the goods to the buyer and later discover that no money had been paid into his/her bank account. The public should always contact his or her bank to ensure that the monies have been paid into the account before handing over the goods,” he said.

He warned the public to be aware of an SMS promising lottery winnings.

“The complainant would contact the sender, and convince them to pay a certain amount of money into their account before the prize money can be paid over. Don’t deposit any money if you find yourself in this situation as this too is a scam,” he said.

Captain Williams urged the public to be cautious when withdrawing money from an ATM.

“Do not accept help from anyone.

“Be aware of suspicious people hanging around the ATMs and do not do any transactions at the ATM if the screen looks strange. For example, if it asks for your cell number and the colour of the screen is different. The public should also not withdraw money at remote places within the
Goodwood policing precinct,” he said.