Online counselling for Northlink students

Northlink students now have access to free online counselling.


Northlink College is offering free counselling on WhatsApp for its students after noting requests for this on the college’s Facebook page.

“During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic we were ill-prepared for the changes that would ultimately await us. Suddenly, we were cut off from the outside world and navigating uncharted waters. Social isolation, academic challenges, a constant flow of negative news, the loss of loved ones, are just some of the factors that led to the increase of stress, anxiety, and depression for many of our students,” said Nadia Adams, the college’s student support manager.

Students will be able to communicate by text message or voice-note with a counsellor. They can also communicate by voice and video call as well as on Zoom and Teams.

“Although the service is not 24/7, the counsellors have been accommodating of student requests to have sessions after hours during a time suitable for both the student and counsellor,” said Chantal April, health and wellness counsellor.

Northlink College students requiring online counselling can WhatsApp Sinalo at 084 951 1592 (Goodwood and Tygerberg campus); Chantal at 064 588 0989 (Protea and Tygerberg campus); Bonita at 067 289 4013 (Parow and Wingfield campus); and Rory at 082 898 1463 (Bellville and Belhar campus).