Officers awarded

Chief operating officer of the VRCID, Derek Bock
The Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID) has two law enforcement officers who have issued over a million rand in traffic fines over the past year, according to its chairman, Hardus Zevenster.

He was speaking at the VRCID’s annual general meeting on Tuesday November 26.

Mr Zevenster, who own Tygerberg Radio 104FM, said when he first moved to Parow he had realised he would have to move elsewhere is something wasn’t done about crime and grime in the area.

However, instead of moving, he helped set up a city improvement district (CID) in 2012.

“A cleaner and safer environment creates more opportunity for commuters and residents, and attracts more investors, which in turn boosts the areas economy,” he said.

Mr Zevenster is now calling on the City to start investing in the Parow CBDs.

“Without their investment in infrastructure, beautification and other projects to attract investment, large corporates and investors will look elsewhere in Cape Town,” he said.

The VRCID boundaries are: N1 on Durban Road; Steenbras Road in Parow; Stikland Railway Bridge and the Tienie Meyer bypass in Bellville.

The VRCID, which provided top-up municipal services, is funded by special levies paid by commercial-property owners. Mr Zevenster pointed to several achievements over the past year, including VRCID law enforcement officers issuing 2 721 traffic fines to the value of R1 509 800 and VRCID staff clearing more than 450 tons of litter from streets and public places.

VRCID chief operations officer Derek Block said they were seeing results from the CCTV control room, which was launched in 2018. It has 67 cameras, soon to be 71, monitored 24 hours a day.

All information and footage is made available to the police and the City’s law enforcement.

Ward 2 councillor Leonore van der Walt said the VRCID had saved Voortrekker Road and surrounds from total urban decay.

Awards were presented to 15 people rerecognition of their contribution to the VRCID.
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