New tactics in house break-ins in Welgemoed


Criminals have been using a new modus operandi to gain access to homes in Welgemoed, removing the entire window pane so as not to set off the alarms.

There have been a number of attempted break-ins and house robberies reported on Facebook over the past few weeks in this particular area.

Some posts on Facebook read: “Attempted break-in at Van de Graaf Street last night. Window pane removed. Entry was blocked so thankfully they were unable to enter the property.”

“Another break-in attempt, this time in Plettenberg Street. They tried to take out a window. The alarm was activated at 3.40am and the suspect ran away. Shortly after, there was another break-in at a home in the same street. They broke the window and stole a television, laptop and cellphone.

“One of the occupants woke up and saw the suspect, who then fled.”

Another read: “Two houses in Chavonne Street were broken into last night. At the first house the window was completely pulled out. The alarm went off and the suspect ran away. By the second house a window was also removed. The residents only realised in the morning that their television had been stolen.”

Bellville police spokeswoman Major Fienie Nimb confirmed there had there been an increase in house break-ins in Welgemoed.

“The modus operandi is the removal of the entire window. These incidents take place late at night, usually while the residents are asleep.”

Major Nimb advised residents to ensure that all the windows in their homes are fitted with burglar bars. “Dogs are also a good deterrent.”

The police have also noted an increase in theft out of motor vehicles at complexes in Loevenstein over the past few weeks. “Most of these vehicles are being targeted as they are parked outside the complexes,” said Major Nimb.

A Facebook post read: “Two more car break-ins last night at Two Oceans Complex in Agulhas Close Loevenstein, radios stolen.”

Major Nimb encouraged the public to remove all items from their vehicles and said these types of crimes remain a big problem for the police.