Neighbourhood watch installs second camera


The Kendal Road Neighbourhood Watch (KNW) has installed a second licence plate recognition (LPR) camera in Durbanville and hopes to have a third one installed by the end of August.

KNW installed its first LPR in May to boost security in the area, serve as a deterrent to criminals and provide evidence to investigating officers after crimes have been committed.

KNW’s camera project manager Jacques Joubert said the first camera had immediate success.

“We identified a vehicle involved in a break-in in the middle of the night. The number plate was flagged and then triggered an alert when it entered the area again two weeks later.

“In other cases vehicles involved in break-ins and stolen vehicles were identified and loaded on a database of wanted vehicles,” Mr Joubert said.

“Neighbourhood watches across the peninsula co-operate in building, sharing and maintaining this database. In our immediate area, we’ve had a number of arrests, where the cameras played a big part.”

Mr Joubert said the cameras played a pro-active role by alerting KNW when a flagged vehicle enters the area, as well as a reactive role by providing footage when incidents are investigated.

“We’ve also had two arrests in the area where alerts and footage from the camera system played a pivotal role. We are very excited about this and are keen to expand our footprint.”

The cost for all four LPR cameras will be R250 000. KNW will be holding a musical concert at the Barnyard Theatre tonight, Thursday July 21, to help raise the additional funds for the third camera.

“We added about R6 000 to the funds over the past two weeks. The momentum, however, is decreasing a little, which is why we really need support for this initiative. We need about R20 000 for the third camera, so if we can keep the momentum going, we’ll be there quite soon.”

Mr Joubert said donations from the community had helped them install the first two LPR cameras. “

We also spend a lot of time building our communication channels with residents through WhatsApp and a bi-weekly newsletter. The response to requests for donations via these methods was amazing.”

* Contact Rachel Johnson at 082 878 1164 or email krsectors@ to book your tickets to the musical concert fundraiser. Tikcets cost R150. Only pre-booked tickets will benefit the KNW fundraising effort, not tickets bought at the door.