Morningstar families strengthen bonds

Sisters Esmeralda and Bregeathe Filander.

Sixteen Morningstar families will be strengthening their relationships at home after taking part in a course run by the City of Cape Town’ directorate of social development and early childhood development and the Morningstar Action Group.

A graduation ceremony attended by Social Development MEC Albert Fritz and Ward 112 councillor Theresa Uys was held on Thursday May 4 at the Morningstar community hall for the families to celebrate completing the 10-week course.

Parents and children were shown various skills and ways to deal with issues that were common in most households (“Family workshops in Morningstar”, Northern News March 9).

They were taught how to deal with alcohol and drug abuse; solve family problems; deal with criticism and anger; set limits; as well as communication skills.

Mr Fritz applauded the families for taking part and completing the course. He said this programme was important as it built stronger families which is a defence against opportunists who target children.

“These parents can now be agents of change, showing their neighbours a better way of handling their children and that will have a ripple effect on the community,” he said.

Mr Fritz encouraged residents to take charge of their community and said more partnerships were needed.

Morningstar resident Ronice Adams ended up at the programme by chance and is glad she attended.

“I’m not sorry I came that one Thursday night. I have a long way to go but the course has shown me a better way of doing things and how to speak properly to my children,” she said.

The directorate’s Terence Crowster said he could see a change in the families who took part in the course.

“We don’t just do this programme to get it over and done with but to see progress,” he said.

Ms Uys thanked the residents for taking part and said she was excited for what was to come for Morningstar.