More water pipe bursts in Tygerdal

The team from the Tygerberg Association for Street People(TASP), back from left, are Shaney Windvogel Ewald Majied, Jody Derby, Lee Ann Alexander, James Rietels, Willem Hole and Pieter Minnie. Front, from left, are Pieter Gal, Karin Minnaar and Gerhard van Wyk.


Tygerdal residents were yet again left without water due to more water pipe bursts last week.

Northern News reported last week on three pipe bursts that happened in a span of a week. One resulted in a resident’s bakkie falling into a hole where a pipe burst in Alice Street (“It’s sink or swim for residents,” Northern News February, 24).

The latest pipe bursts, on the corner of Alice Street and Frans Conradie Drive, happened on Tuesday February 23, and again in the afternoon.

Carina Maddix, an upset Tygerdal resident who has been monitoring the situation, said the City is wasting money on repairs, when they should upgrade the whole underground pipe system.

“It is extremely frustrating waking up two or three times a week in the morning with no water. It is no surprise anymore,” said Ms Maddix.

She feels this is especially unacceptable given water restrictions in place across the country at the moment.

“I wish you could have seen the amount of water flowing to an absolute loss Sunday morning. I felt like crying. Needless to say after it was reported they also took quite some time to respond,” said Ms Maddix.

She said something urgently needs to be done.

Another resident, Clinton Roux, is also bothered by the loss of water.

“It is a waste, and most importantly, such an inconvenience for people who have to be without water for long periods,” said Mr Roux.

He wonders why the bursts happen so often at the same place.

“They fix the pipe in one spot and within a day or two they need to be back for another repair pretty close to the first, surely there are huge cost implications, and don’t even talk abut the damage to residents’ properties. It is a nightmare,” said Mr Roux.

He said residents are now trying to get all people affected to log a complaint to the City, hoping they will be able to get pipes replaced.

Neville Hitchcock, the former chairman of the Goodwood Ratepayers’ Association maintains that the infrastructure in the area is old and needs to replaced.

He said because of heavy duty transport through the area, the old pipes can no longer handle the pressure.

“It is a big job, but the City needs to take heed of this ongoing problem, and plan appropriately to have the pipes replaced,” said Mr Hitchcock, who is now the Goodwood Ratepayers’ Association’s treasurer following their annual general meeting last week.

Ernest Sonnenberg, the City’s Mayco member for utility services, said by Monday February 29 the cost for the latest repairs for water pipe bursts in Tygerdal had not yet been tallied.

He said the water and sanitation department employs pressure management schemes throughout the city to lower the stress on pipes during times when water is less in demand.

Further to this, he said the frequency and circumstances of pipe bursts will be considered when determining priority for pipe replacement or refurbishment.

Ian Neilson, the City’s Mayco member for finance, said residents can submit their claims for damages with all supporting documents, in writing. He said that each claim is assessed on its own merit, which includes assessment of whether there has been any negligence or omission on the City’s side.

Once the City has received the claimant’s formal correspondence, a reference number will be provided.

* The claim must be submitted to the insurance section either by email to Charlene.Harmse@capetown, or fax to 086 202 9701, or post to: The Head: Claims, Insurance Section, 3rd Floor, Cape Town Civic Centre, Tower Block, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town, 8001.