Moosa family learning to make ends meet during lockdown meals

Shane Moosa, of Kuils River, and his children, Luther, 10, Chelsea, 14, Mia-Jo, 6, and Shaye, 4,

Shane Moosa, of Kuils River, says the lockdown, now extended by two weeks, is teaching his family how to make ends meet. 

The family have enough food at home, but Shane, whose catering business is taking a beating right now, has decided to show his children, Luther, 10, Chelsea, 14, Mia-Jo,6, and Shaye, 4, that others aren’t so fortunate. 

“They are driving me insane, and my boys are eating all the time,” he says, adding that he’s now resolved not to give in to their individual cravings: they must now eat what’s put in front of them. Teaching them to “eat what there is, will prove discipline” in the near future, he says.

He tries to do it in a quirky way, but his youngsters are not impressed. 

In two short videos, check out the meals Shane prepped for his kids – he admits he’s run out of options for what to feed his big family.