Metro chief awards K9 unit

Constable Mosuli Faku; K9 Savage and Metro Police chief Wayne le Roux.
The Metro Police’s Canine Unit celebrated the achievements of Constable Mosuli Faku and his partner, a three-year-old German shepherd dog Shepard called K9 Savage, in Goodwood last week.

Constable Faku and Officer K9 Savage were given a silver medal by Metro Police chief Wayne le Roux for their bravery in detecting and confiscating drugs and making several major busts in recent months in various areas in the city.
Officer Savage and Constable Faku, have worked together for nearly three years, and in the past year, according to Mr Le Roux, they have confiscated 85 units of unga; 690 mandrax tablets; 69 units and 18.29 grams of cocaine; 424 bankies and 202 grams of tik; 104 dagga stoppe, two bags and 515 bankies and money to the value of R2 630.

The estimated street value of the drugs recovered by the K9 unit is R160 000.

Mr Le Roux said the dog unit had sunk its teeth into drug crime, with two thirds of 156 arrests made in the past year all being drug-related.
“Our specialised units perform a very critical function, in particular our canines. Over the years, drug dealers have become increasingly creative in hiding their wares, but our dogs are up to the task,” he said.