Matrics lost in translation

Some Kuils River parents are demanding answers from the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) after Soneike High School phased out Afrikaans instruction for matrics.

Parents say their children could fail if they stay at the school, and other local schools can’t take them.

Charmain September said her son, Bradley, had already missed out on the first few days of school because he would not understand if taught in English.

Ms September said the school had not sent a letter to notify parents and had not given alternatives.

“There are only a few months of school in Grade 12. I don’t understand why they cannot help these learners and next year make it an all-English school,” she said.

She had approached schools outside of Kuils River but been turned away.

“Imagine being taught in Afrikaans since Grade 1 and in Grade 12, your last and final year, you are forced to be taught in another language. This is not right.”

She said that on Monday January 20, Bradley had been told by teachers to apply at Silversands High School but he was unhappy moving to another school and making new friends.

WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Hammond said the school had, over the past four years, phased out teaching in Afrikaans because most of the people in the community spoke English as their first language.