Mass animal sterilisation campaign in Klipheuwel

Fisantekraal Animal Welfare during a previous visit to Klipheuwel.

An animal welfare organisation is appealing for money to do a mass sterilisation of cats and dogs in Klipheuwel.

Jenni Davies, of Fisantekraal Animal Welfare (FAW), said cat and dog populations in the township were out of control, leading to a rise in cases of animal neglect and suffering.

“Due to poverty, people lack resources to sterilise their pets; others breed dogs to make money often without caring about the welfare of the parent dogs or their offspring.

“Unwanted dogs and cats, many unsterilised, get dumped on the outskirts or are given to people living there, worsening the situation,” she said.

The organisation says controlling domestic animal populations reduces dog attacks – which are mostly by unneutered males – and stops the spread of fleas, mange and zoonotic diseases.

Ward 105 councillor Ruan Beneke said a clean and safe environment unblighted by sick, neglected animals also lifted a community’s morale.

“People are a product of their environment. If one is consistently surrounded by a high level of neglect, it is easy to assume that this is the norm.”

Ms Davies said the only way to reduce animal neglect, abuse and suffering in Klipheuwel was by getting the population of some 1 500 cats and dogs under control, with at least 80% of the animals sterilised.

FAW’s sterilisation drive in Klipheuwel, dubbed Project Klipheuwel Animals, is being backed by the Tygerberg Animal Hospital (TAH) and Mr Beneke.

It has already vaccinated 130 dogs and cats against rabies, but now it needs to raise R45 000 by the end of the month to carry out a sterilisation of 100 cats and dogs planned for Monday December 4.

Ms Davies said businesses were challenging each other to “sponsor a steri” (R450 an animal) and many individuals were sponsoring on someone’s behalf as year-end or Christmas gifts. Donations can be made online through or directly to FAW.

You can follow the progress of the project on Facebook @ProjectKlipheuwelAnimals.

For more information contact FAW at