Market “choked” by policies

Andre Foot, Bellville

After reading the article, (“No Home for Craft Market,” Northern News February 9), I really feel I need to say something.

It’s so sad seeing events like these being choked to death by rules and “new policies” without any vision, foresight, common sense, conscience or care as to the consequences or circumstances that may arise from different situations or the implementation of these “new policies”.

The Durbanville Craft Market at the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery has been there as long as I can remember, and was a safe “family like” atmosphere with each of my enjoyable visits.

The crafts were, at times, breathtaking and astonishing – ideas produced by real people struggling at times to make ends meet, but doing something about it.

I suppose, like everything else in this world, good events like these and others I know will all eventually die purely because of the “eye blinker” decisions made and forcefully implemented by a few.

So sad and hugely frustrating, but then who are we against the might of the sea?