Man gunned down after Friday prayers

Ravensmead police are investigating the murder of a Parow man who was gunned down after leaving Husami Mosque in York Street, Cravenby Estate, on Friday December 9.

Newspaper reports identified the 53-year-old man as Mukhtar Koorowlay. But in Facebook posts, including one from Pagad G-Force, he is identified as Mukhtar Parker and Mukhtaar Parker/Salie.

Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said the shooting was being investigated.

According to reports, the man allegedly had links to criminals.

Community activist Imraan Mukkadam posted about the shooting on Facebook, saying: “The level of violence in our communities is reaching horrific levels. When hits are carried out outside mosque after prayer, then clearly we don’t know what next to expect.”

Another post on the Pagad G-Force page said the man had been shot three times in the head after Friday prayers.

“Two guys dressed in salah tops followed him from the mosque and fired five or six shots at him. They came out of the mosque with him and shot him from behind,” it read. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Riaan September, at 082 302 3257 or 021 933 9000, or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

Goodwood police arrested four men, aged between 22 and 39, including a driver’s assistant, on Friday December 9, after a truck carrying R700 000 of liquor was hijacked.

The men raised the suspicions of Warrant Officer Jacques Pieters and Constable Steven Drury when the officers spotted them on Voortrekker Road, putting on reflector jackets.

The officers followed the three men down Voortrekker Road, but later lost sight of them, until they spotted one in a Toyota Avanza.

In Alice Street, the officers spotted two of the men getting into a delivery truck. The driver told the officers he had been hijacked minutes earlier.

“According to the driver, he was told to take his load of R700 000 of liquor to Langa,” said police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis. The officers had also arrested the driver’s assistant for allegedly working with the three hijackers.