Man flees with cellphones after robbing Durbanville hospital patients

The Mediclinic Durbanville is located in Wellington Road. Photo: Mediclinic Durbanville.

A man who robbed patients at gunpoint at a Durbanville hospital remains at large.

Durbanville police spokesman, Captain Marchell Rhode said at 7pm on Thursday evening, August 31, an eyewitness informed police that the robber had entered Mediclinic Durbanville through one of the windows.

“The robber climbed through the window and pointed at one of the patients with a firearm. He then instructed her to hand over her phone, but grabbed the phone out of her hand instead.

“The robber also went to other wards in the hospital, and stole six more cellphones from patients,“ Captain Rhode said.

Dr Gerrit de Villiers, chief clinical officer of Mediclinic Southern Africa, confirmed the incident with Northern News.

“The robber gained access to the hospital and robbed visitors and family members of patients. The man was armed, but this was later identified as a BB gun by a witness. All the relevant authorities were immediately called to the facility and Mediclinic is assisting them in their investigation.

“Unfortunately, the perpetrator managed to escape. Mediclinic is also taking additional measures to ensure the safety and security of everyone at our facility. None of the victims individuals were physically harmed during the incident and we will provide the necessary support and counselling to those impacted by the event,“ Dr de Villiers said.

Police confirmed that the robber fled the scene through the same window in which he entered the hospital.

“At this stage the suspect has not yet been identified. A business robbery case will be investigated by the Durbanville police,” he said.

Both police and Mediclinic could not confirm if any of the staff were robbed.