Man falls from train

A man fell from a train at Kuils River railway station during morning peak hour on Friday March 17.

Commuter Michelle Isaacs, saw him fall. She said on Facebook: “I just witnessed how a man fell out of a train, onto his neck, on platform one. The train was so full. I hope the man gets well soon. I’m so emotional inside because he could have died.”

Later, responding to comments on her post she said: “I still can’t get over the shock. That sound when he fell ”

Metrorail spokeswoman Riana Scott said the platforms and trains were full because 65 carriages had been destroyed by arsonists in October last year.

“The customer alleges that he was pushed from the train and fell on the platform at Kuils River Station,” she said.

Police attended the scene and the man was taken by ambulance to Tygerberg Hospital.

Several people fumed in comments on Ms Isaacs’s post about the chronic train delays.

Charenelle Davids said: “I refuse to bother pushing my way in. My work must just see me when I can get there. No breaking limbs etc. I’ve lost so much personal belongings already. Metrofail sucks.”

Lindie Janse van Rensburg said: “How sad. I truly, truly hope he gets well soon. I also hope the people burning the trains will read this and realise that it is their fault that the trains are so full. They are full because criminals like them burn the trains.”

Ms Scott said the carriage shortage worsened at peak times.

“Peak hours are oversubscribed and we advise customers to move to the back of the carriages to allow others entry. Alternatively to try using either earlier or later trains.

“We are doing everything within our power to expedite the return of the carriages. The timeline for refurbishing carriages is about 18 months; depending on many variables such as conclusion of insurance claims, the extent of the damage and the capacity of the contractors.”