Man arrested with 100 bags of tik at taxi rank

Constable Vico Carollison and Nturo Mavanja with Seargeant Jeremiah Johnson stand with the stash found on a 30-year-old man in Bellville.
Police arrested a suspected drug dealer at the Bellville taxi rank on Friday morning January 10. 

According to Bellville police spokesman Captain Jonathan Blankenberg, officers found 100 hundred packets of tik on the 30-year-old foreign national during a stop-and-search operation.

* Bellville police officers,joined forces with and the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District and City garbage collectors cleaned up the Bellville CBD on Monday.
Captain Blankenberg said: “Illegal shacks and dirt were removed in South Street which created hiding places for criminals and criminal activities. This will be an ongoing operation to clean up the CBD.” 

* Thefts from cars parked at malls have increased in the past month, said Captain Blankenberg has called for residents to remain vigilant while shopping at malls as the number of theft out of motor vehicles has increased over the last month, said Captain Blankenberg.

“More and more residents are reporting theft out of vehicles, with a bulk of the cases coming from Tyger Valley mall, where remote jamming is the most common method being used by thieves.

“Drivers must be cautious when leaving their vehicles to make sure they are properly locked. Also, before leaving the vehicle, they must feel the door handles if it is indeed locked.” 

Any suspicious people and vehicles should be reported immediately, he said.

* Police arrested two men at a shop in Bellville CBD on Thursday January 7 for the possession of more than 30 cellphones stolen in an earlier robbery.
“A 27 and 41-year-old foreign national were arrested for possession of 36 stolen cellphones and an undisclosed amount of money,” Captain Blankenberg said.

“These cellphones were connected to a business robbery which occurred on January 6 at the British American Tobacco offices in Waterfront Cape Town where 400 cellphones were stolen.” 

Captain Blankenberg added that said the investigation was ongoing.