LPR camera for Monte Vista


A Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) camera will be installed in Monte Vista soon (“Big Brother plan for ward 1 suburbs”, Northern News, October 28, 2015).

The Monte Vista Ratepayers’ Association (MVRA) had a meeting on Wednesday March 16 with residents and businesses to discuss the project.

About 100 people attended the meeting and heard that the total cost involved in setting up the camera is R40 000.

Pierre Gouws, chairman of the MVRA, said the community feedback was great.

Mr Gouws said they are also looking at the possibility of starting a Special Ratings Area, similar to a city improvement district where residents contribute extra for top up services such as cleansing and security, in order to cover the continued maintenance that will be needed for the LPR cameras to work.

Mr Gouws said ward councillor Sakkie Pretorius had paid for the camera from the ward allocation budget, and residents are required to come up with R18 000 for the installation, which some businesses and residents have already contributed towards.

“The positive response from the community is great. The faster we get the funds, the faster we can make the area safer. The camera will definitely be a game changer for Monte Vista,” said Mr Gouws.

There are plans to install other LPR cameras in the areas.

He said once the cameras are installed and working, crime will drop and value will be added to properties in the area.

For more information email secretary@mvratepayers.co.za or visit the MVRA Facebook page.

* The MVRA will meet in the coming weeks, but a date has not yet been confirmed.