Lockdown fever

The Amos family had a dress up party at their Soneike home yesterday, March 8.
Tracey Amos showing off her dancing skills with Kenzo-Lee during the lockdown.
It’s a family dance off in Kuils River.

The Amos family
in Kuils River have found new ways of coping during the 21-day lockdown period
instead of “killing each other”.

Tracey Amos,
30, says her Soneike home was filled with overeating, family quarrels and
boredom for the first week of the lockdown period, until her father, Charles,
57, had a brilliant idea of making a social distancing dance video.

Since then, the
family have been doing something different every  day.

Tracey says
although the family has been at each other’s throats, they have also learnt a
lot about one another.

They started a dress up challenge with family on their WhatsApp group.

Charles says
while the family is aware of the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no
excuse to not have fun.

“I decided to
do the video because we can’t have people over during this time and I thought
it was a good idea to interact with the few people I have around me.

Charles, Keshia, 33, Cheryl,52, Charlton, 23, Kenzo-Lee, 8 and Cayden,5, are
looking for new challenges to do and keep the family entertained.

Let us know
what your family is doing during this time.