Local video a hit

Singer Meghan Trainor tweeted about the video created by the South African Ultimate Dance Crew to her song "Me Too".

A video choreographed to Meghan Trainor’s song, Me Too, has gotten the attention of the US singer.

The video by Durbanville videographer Rudi Smit, was posted to YouTube on September 5 and features more than 27 dancers from various communities in Cape Town performing a school-themed dance routine.

The dance was filmed at Milnerton and Norman Henshilwood high schools.

In less than 24 hours, the video gained 26 000 views and, to date it has more than a million views across social media platforms.

On Wednesday September 7, the video reached Trainor herself who responded by tweeting the link to the video, which she said was “unbelievable”.

“There is not a word to describe how I feel about the reaction the video has received. I didn’t expect it, I thought it was just a fun video but people of all ages have been watching and sharing it, from teenagers to people aged up to 50 years old,” said Smit.

“The idea was for Meghan Trainor to see it and she did, she saw it and tweeted the video saying that she loved it. Mission accomplished.”

Smit said the video had given the dance group a lot of exposure and that they would continue creating videos as there was a demand for it.

“The video has created an expectation for future videos. It keeps us on our toes. There is a lot of work lying ahead for us,” he said.