Lightning-fast fibre from Vuma

Make remote-working work for you with lightning-fast fibre from Vuma

Working from home can be challenging, particularly for those who are juggling more than a few responsibilities. 

Taking care of business, dealing with deadlines and attending Zoom call after Zoom call, all while ensuring the needs of the home and the family are looked after, is no walk in the park. But, thanks to fast and affordable fibre from Vuma, working professionals can at least say goodbye to slow internet and the bane of buffering while working from home. 

Work from home with Vuma

From staying on top of work commitments to keeping in touch with clients, colleagues, friends and family, fibre has the power to help you create a truly connected life.

Touch base with teammates and discuss important information with clients through virtual video chat from the safety of your home, with a high-speed internet connection that won’t leave you lagging behind or apologising for bad signal issues.
Never miss a deadline again – download large files from cloud storage in a flash, and upload important files in no time at all.
Collaborate in real-time thanks to uninterrupted connectivity that allows you to edit and comment on virtual team documents without missing a beat.
Keep an eye on current affairs while you’re at it. Stream the news live on your smart TV, tablet or laptop while you work so you can stay ahead of what’s happening in the world.
Keep the kids learning and family entertained while you work. With fibre, the whole family can enjoy the internet throughout the day, without anyone being kicked off or slow connectivity. Learners can access a world of online education or keep themselves entertained with Netflix and DSTV online when they aren’t busy learning. 

Pursue new opportunities

Who says you can’t thrive under lockdown? With line speeds up to 1Gbps, fast, reliable fibre internet lets you pursue new opportunities while at home. 

Starting your own venture or side business, becoming a professional freelancer or consultant, and building more wealth from the safety and comfort of your own home is now within reach. With fast fibre internet at your service, you can easily develop your own business website, blog about your expertise, build a YouTube or Insta following, do your research on the target market and stay in touch with leads and clients. Bank safely online knowing you are in control of your login information and statements while at home, safe from prying eyes. 

Choose to make working from home work for you with fast, affordable fibre delivered to your home by Vuma. 

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