Kuils River Grade R escapes kidnapping

The police are investigating the attempted abduction of a Grade R pupil at Mikro Primary School in Kuils River, last week.

No arrests have been made and the Kuils River Family Violence Children and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit is handling the case, according police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk.

In a letter issued by the school, principal Louis Mouton thanked an alert staff member who had refused to hand the child over to a stranger without contacting the child’s parents. 

Mr Mouton said the Grade Rs had been waiting at the school’s Diederik Street gate at 12.30pm on Thursday September 17, when an “unknown adult woman, from outside the gate, said to one of the teachers she was there to collect a specific child”.

According to the letter, the unknown woman gave the name of the child and identified herself as Rene, but the child said she did not know the woman.

“The teacher called the child’s mother to ask if she had sent someone else to collect the child and the mother denied it. The teacher then closely watched all pupils around her,” the letter read.

The woman then disappeared as more cars started pulling up at the school.

Mr Mouton encouraged parents to communicate with the school if they had made alternative arrangements for children to be fetched.

Northern News confirmed that the letter came from the school, but Mr Mouton could not be reached for further comment.

According to Fidelity ADT’s Charnel Hattingh, there are several things you can do to prevent an abduction:

BLOB Stay alert, walk in groups and stick to streets that are familiar.

BLOB A child should wait inside the school until the transport arrives.

BLOB Remind children not to talk to strangers.

BLOB Consider using a password if alternative arrangements have been made – only tell your child the password and the person fetching him or her.

BLOB If your child does notice suspicious activity, warn them to be aware of their surroundings and keep a detailed account of the incident.

BLOB Make sure your children memorises their full names, address and phone number. Using a play phone, teach them when and how to dial 10111. If they are older they should have some emergency numbers programmed into their phone or consider having a safety app on their phone.

BLOB Hide valuables, including phones and earphones.

BLOB Go straight home, no meet-ups after school.