Kraaifontein gets R1.8m to fight crime

The 10 auxiliary law enforcement officers, Sub-council 2 councillors and law enforcement officers.

Sub-council 2 councillors have allocated an amount of R1.8 million for the deployment of 10 auxiliary law enforcement officers to address and curb violent crimes in Kraaifontein.

But things got heated at last week’s Sub-council 2 meeting when councillors heard that the auxiliary officers who were supposed to be deployed to hot spot areas for six months, will spend two months in training before they are proactive in communities.

Councillors were unhappy with the statement made by Inspector Leanne Olivier, who said: “The auxiliary staff will need to be at training for the next two months because they only have basic training so they will not yet be in the communities.”

The project is part of the City’s Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) which aims to improve safety of all residents.

“Are you saying that these officers will not be functional for two months, but their contracts are only until June. This is a waste of time,” said Mayco member for spatial planning and environment and Ward 8 councillor, Marian Nieuwoudt.

Inspector Olivier said officers need further training to patrol in communities. “This is out of my hands and the department handles it. Law enforcement staff cannot patrol and get their unforms if they don’t have their certificates. We have in the meantime asked full-time staff to work overtime,” she said.

Shaking his head, Mayco member for urban management and Ward 7 councillor, Grant Twigg, said: “Then where is our money going? We can’t afford to pay overtime for other staff members if the 10 auxiliary staff has already signed their six-month contracts. Somebody is not doing their job,” he said.

DA proportional representative councillor Siseko Mbandezi said Wallacedene is an area that needed special attention, especially illegal liquor stores and taverns, where “crime usually takes place.”

“Why were the officers not sent for training last year? It’s pointless that they have signed the contracts if they are not allowed to be doing work around here. I find this all hard to understand,” he said.

Before Inspector Olivier could answer the councillors, Mr Twigg said: “We are not here to fight with you, but we want answers. I’m leaving it up to you to go find out what is happening.”

All councillors agreed that Inspector Olivier should provide answers at the next sub-council meeting next month.