Kids share their thoughts on Covid 19

Elijah October,8, and his cousin, Castiel Colli,5.

Two cousins from Brackenfell believe they have what it takes to be the next president if South Africa faces another pandemic in the future. 

Castiel Colli,5, and Elijah October,8, are encouraging people to “follow the rules to flatten the curve” and not leave their homes. 

Boredom has taken over in their Protea Heights home, and Elijah, who is not fond of school, misses his friends at Northpine Primary. 

He says he enjoyed the first few days of lockdown but being around his “strict mommy for five weeks” doesn’t help much with the frustration. 

“I have to do schoolwork and then chores. I don’t like doing chores, but I’ll help my uncle with the dishes,” he says.

Castiel, on the other hand, enjoys being at home. 

He has a routine of washing his hands every 20 minutes, catching up with schoolwork, playing games and watching YouTube videos. 

The boys say lockdown was a good idea to stop the spread of Covid 19, but they would have done things differently if they were the president. 

Elijah says he would make “essential needs” cheaper so every household has enough food. 

Castiel says he would keep McDonald’s open. He’s a big fan of their food. 

In a short video, hear what their views are about Covid 19. Share your kids views on Covid 19.