KFC robbers caught in high speed chase

The police are investigating whether two men caught after an armed robbery at a Goodwood KFC, last week, also robbed the Parow KFC a day earlier, as well as other businesses in the area.

The men, aged 31 and 32, were caught in Stock Road, Philippi, on Tuesday November 22, following a high-speed chase with a security guard. One of them is allegedly a KFC employee.

Goodwoodpolice spokesmanCaptain Waynne Theunis said three men walked into the KFC at Value Centre, at 10.45pm, held the cashier at gunpoint and fled with cash.

Amanalerteda ByersSecurityguard who chased the robbers down Voortrekker Road, through Bellville and onto the R300.

Byers Security CEO Neil Rossouw said the guard stayed in phone contact with his colleagues who, in turn, told the police his location. By the time the getaway car, a Ford Telstar, stopped in Stock Road, the guard had back-up from two police vehicles.

“Members of the war room reacted and arrested two suspects. A toy gun and R2 000 cash were recovered,” Captain Theunis said.

A third suspect managed to get away.

Mr Rossouw said his guard, who started at the company earlier this month, “went out of his way” to nab the suspects. He said business robberies were common at this time of the year.