Keeping it cool on the ice and life

JG Meiring High School matric pupil Zoe Herringer.
As a young girl, 17-year-old Zoe Herringer, 17, of Goodwood, dreamt about becoming a figure-skating legend star but later shifted her focus to fell in love with ice-hockey.

These days The JG Meiring High School matric pupil is part of the South African women’s hockey team.

Zoe loves being on the ice and started taking figure-skating lessons when she was 7.

She said her it was her mom, who encouraged her and her cousin to enroll, at the Black Panthers Figure Skating Club.

“I had such a passion for it, but as I got older, my interest waned. I also play field hockey, so I decided to combine my love for ice skating with hockey.”

Zoe said she got her Western Province provincial colours in 2016, and, 18 months later, she clinched her national colours. 

“I was shocked and elated,” she says.

In 2017 she visited Sofia, Bulgaria, for the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Women’s World Championships (Division 2, Group B).

“We came third, and we had a blast. I love ice-hockey as you are always on the move. It is one of fastest sports out there. It also hypes you up and gives you an adrenaline rush.”

And Zoe says her mom, Michele, who has always been her biggest fan, is “over the moon” with her success. Zoe hopes to study a sports science or law degree after school.

Asked about the challenges she faces as a teenager, Zoe says: “Judgement from others, such as body-shaming, makes one feel quite self-conscious. Also we face, a lot of bullying and trolling on the internet and on social media. 

“I have, gotten to the point where I am quite nonchalant about it, and I am more positive.”