Keeping Goodwood safe

Christene Carswell is determined to keep crime out of Goodwood.
Christene Carswell  has been the vice-secretary of the Goodwood Community Police Forum for a year and half, and she patrols her neighbourhood regularly to keep it free of crime.

“The position was made available and I love new challenges. I also like to work with the community and police,” she says.

Theft, drugs, and alcohol are the biggest challenges in main crimes plaguing Goodwood, she says.

“There is a lot of motor vehicle break-ins, theft of vehicle batteries, drugs and alcohol misuse. Gate motors, taps and copper pipes are being stolen from properties. Hijacking incidents are also on the increase.”

She patrols four times a week either during the early hours or late evening.
“One evening, while on my way home after dropping my patrolling partner, two men ran toward my car at the stop street. I just sped off but felt very uneasy. It was very late at night but luckily I could call for back-up from other patrollers. That made me realise to always be alert.”

She says the best advice she has given her daughter, Jean-Mari, is the same advice her mother gave her: 

“Always remember to keep your life clean as your name travels ahead of you. People hear about you before you get to know them.”

Her spare time is split between her family, rescue pets, work and the hope that maybe she can make a difference in the community.

Goodwood CPF chairman, John Ross, says Christene is “extremely passionate and dedicated” about fighting crime in the community. 

“She patrols the streets with the patrollers nearly every evening. She is not afraid to step up to any task and she is the ultimate braai master. She is certainly an ocean of crime intelligence for the CPF.”

Christene’s advice for Women’s Day is: “Stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone break you. Every woman has got something beautiful and unique in them. Live for your dreams.”