Kalib makes the most of his second chance to help Belhar’s youth

Kalib and his volunteers help feed the community in Belhar.

Second chances are hard to come by and Kalib Missoe is certainly not wasting his – he started a non-profit organisation to help the youth in Belhar. 

The 21-year-old was declared dead in 2015 after being in a coma for a week following a rugby accident, but then he went on to make a miraculous recovery.

In February, he launched the National Youth Development League, and since then he has distributed food to 300 people while also helping them with skills development.

“We target teenage mothers, orphaned and vulnerable children as well those infected or affected by HIV/Aids,” Kalib says. “There is also a focus on ensuring that the youth get skills to find employment.”

Kalib matriculated from Bellville Technical High School last year and says he started his organisation to give back to his community. 

“As I’m a Christian and born in the area where gangsterism is huge. I decided to start an NPO so we can uplift our community, motivate our youth. The special reason for the name National Youth Development League is that we want to be an organisation that does projects all over South Africa and other countries. 

“We currently serve Belhar, and we also support a feeding scheme in The Hague in Delft. We also just recently discovered an area in Maitland that needs assistance so our network is growing.”

Kalib also encourages the youth to join local social groups – of course once lockdown regulations allow – such as the domino club he started in the area.

“If the people take part in clubs, then they will be off the streets, and they can also be around people who will help each other, which will also make it easier to learn from each other. From time to time, we will get people to come and visit our club and teach people things like how to act in interviews or just give some guidance.”

The organisation has four full-time volunteers. They are all over the age of 60, and one of them is Kalib’s grandmother. “They cook the food, which is mostly soups, akhni or mince stew, it depends on what our pockets say at the time, and we get vegetable donations from an organisation that feeds people in Delft.”

That organisation is Khathalelana, and its founder is Marlene Jameson. “We receive our donations from an organisation that goes out to all the markets and businesses and gets their excess produce, and then we feed people in our community and then we also help other organisations do the same,” she says. “When Khalib got in contact with us, we did not hesitate to help him because he is a truly remarkable young man who is committed to helping his community.”

Belhar resident Sophy Ruiters is close friends with the Missoe family and says many in the community look up to Kalib. “It is really something to be proud of, and it is great to see somebody from the community give back in such a way. If you ask anybody in the area about Kalib, they will tell you that he is going to the mayor one day.” 

You can contact Kalib at 067 068 2880.