Johan’s repping for the CY

A Bellville designer hopes to change negative perceptions about the area with his which are designs aimed at putting the CY back on the map.

Johan Potgieter, owner of the online clothing store, Richboy Clothing, has spent his entire life in Bellville and has nothing but love for his “hood”.

His passion for, and commitment to Bellville fuelled his desire to change how people viewed the area and to make residents proud of where they are from.

His designs are inspired by local places and landmarks such as the Bellville civic centre, Burger Fair, the famous pink elephant and the quarry.

He is also inspired by rap music and got the idea to start the company, while designing and listening to music.

In 2013, he decided to take the plunge and although daunting at first, he has not regretted a single day.

Johan, with his larger-than-life personality, said he was tired of only hearing the negative things people had to say about Bellville and had to do something to change this.

“All you ever hear about is crime but never the positive things. Yes, there is crime but there’s also more to Bellville than just that,” he said.

When asked what he loved most about Bellville, his answer was simple: “What’s not to love?”

Last year he shot an aerial (drone) video which showed his favourite spots in Bellville and has been viewed locally and internationally.

“I wanted to show people from around the world what beautiful places and landmarks we have here in Bellville,” he said.

When he’s not busy with his online store, he makes time to help out at various events in the area, from community clean-up operations to pop-up events.

“It’s very important for me to be involved with local events and to give back in any small way I can.

“If I see someone littering, I will go up to them and tell them to pick it up, or do it myself, because I have pride in my area,” he said.

Johan said he has received requests to create clothes “repping” for other areas but had turned them down.

“I can’t be repping for Bellville but then be making clothes for other areas. I’m 100% here for Bellville,” he said.