Industrial dump site

Jasper Compion, Tygerdal

Please take note of the industrial area that the City’s waste management department has created in the middle of a residential area (“Dump site plan hits a wobble,” Northern News, Wednesday March 8).

Five huge trucks park on the road verge of Oranje Street at the same time (before 8am) waiting for the dump site to open to remove waste. This issue has been ongoing since 2008, and despite the issues raised time and time again by surrounding residents and the City’s promises to move the site to Beaconvale, this heavy industrial use has just increased.

The move to Beaconvale has now also disappeared into thin air (vague promises). We have to live daily with the noise, dust and numerous heavy trucks – between 10 and 20 a day — rumbling and staging in our area.

If you cannot fulfil your promises, please take note of what you have created here and that we will not vote for the DA in future.

Our last bit of peace and quiet has been shattered along with our confidence in the DA-run City to remove this atrocity from our area.

Northern News sent this letter to the City for a response, and we will publish it when we get it.